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Arcanum Technology, The Devil’s Work

The development team at Trokia Games put together an entire article themselves on the technology in Arcanum. We figured why not let them tell you about their game? So here they are without any further ado, the Trokia team take on technology within the world of Arcanum.

The Role of Technology

Technology in Arcanum plays the antagonist to the ways of magick. Because technology utilizes the laws of nature, and does not bend them, it lends itself to common use and widespread popularity. There is no mystery in the spark between two pieces of flint, and even advanced technology is just an extension of these basic principles, from a simple Skeleton Key to the complex Tesla Rod or the Mechanized Arachnid. Consequently, technology has become quite popular to the shorter-lived species of Arcanum, such as humans and orcs, who lack the longevity and patience to practice the magickal arts for decades on end.

The level of technology in Arcanum is derivative of what you would have found at the turn of the 19th century. The same can be said with the new Dofus Touch at Steam engines, revolvers and muskets are common in the world of Arcanum. But the player will be able to find and create extraordinary pieces of technology such as fully automatic mechanized guns, mechanical creatures, and stat boosting therapeutics. There are literally dozens of technological items to be discovered in this world.

There are eight disciplines of technology, and each discipline will have seven degrees within it. These 56 technological degrees can be obtained by spending character points. The eight technological disciplines are:

Herbology – Concerns itself with study of herbs and how they effect the body.
Chemistry – Studies man-made substances and their deleterious effects.
Electric – Explores the effects of charge and magnetism.
Explosives – Covers the research of new and unstable substances.
Gun Smithy – Controls the design and implementation of new weaponry.
Mechanical – Studies the physical properties of materials.
Smithy – Covers the construction of armors of all types.
Therapeutics – Explores your knowledge of pharmaceuticals and their interactions with each other.

With each degree obtained, players gain specific knowledge in that discipline, allowing the player to read more advanced schematics. Schematics are technical drawings found in the game showing an item that can be created, and what two objects you need to obtain in order to create it. For example, a player can use their points to gain the first degree of the Mechanical discipline, which is Trainee. This gives him the knowledge to read the Spike Trap Schematic, which tells him that the two items necessary to complete the spike trap are a railroad spike and a large spring. If he has both items, he can put them together to create a spike trap, and then place the trap on the ground and any creature stepping on it will take damage.

Published: September 19, 2016

Showing love to SuperCell and Clash Royale

I have a love/hate relationship with Clash Royale. It is extremely difficult with many irritating bugs left in the code even after the patches. Yet I still keep coming back for more. Clash Royale is able to make up for the bugs by providing the player with large, varied missions which will hold your interest long after logic (and the time) says you should have given up and gone to sleep. Clash Royale is compelling and the learning curve is set so that you make just enough progress to weren’t another go. (That or it’s just me who refuses to give in). Overall Clash Royale is extremely compelling despite its many flaws.

Set during the beginning of world war two Clash Royale puts you in charge of the newly formed SAS. You are to take a team of 8 men chosen from a possible 40, behind enemy lines and complete covert operations. This game is split into 6 campaigns each consisting of between 1 and 6 missions. At the start of a Campaign you chose the weaponry you wish to take with you. (It HAS to last you for the entire campaign so choose carefully). At the start of each mission you are given a nice 3D briefing which points out the important objectives and drop points. In the missions themselves you can take in a team of up to 4 men. The operative word is Team. Although some of the missions are possible to go it alone it is advised that you take at least one teammate if only to carry weapons looted from enemies. As stated above this game is very hard. There are difficulty settings but Clash Royale’s idea of easy differs vastly from my own. There is plenty of variety in the missions which will keep most players occupied for some considerable time.

The missions range from, Trying to cross a guarded bridge in the middle of a storm, to, Defend an airstrip for several minutes until your plane arrives, to my personal favorite, break through enemy lines in a half track whilst being pursued by about half the German army. (It seems like it on the beach). The controls are difficulty initially and the lack of a training level hurts Clash Royale here. You WILL reload a lot. Soldiers dying for no apparent reason is also annoying. Worse yet is some of the AI for squad members. I’ll give the order for them to follow me, look back a few minutes later and find that only two of them have actually obeyed me, the third one is off climbing a tree someplace or spinning in circles for reasons known only to himself. The patches do help matters partially but even with the v1.3 patch installed my men still like to commit suicide from time to time when left to their own devices. Still overall the bugs can’t quite stop Clash Royale from being enjoyable (surly that is the point of a game)

The graphics in this game are admirable with the soldiers and vehicles being well molded. The weather effects are superb. In the opening mission it is pouring down with rain and visibility is reduced to less than 50 feet. After many unsuccessful attempts at starting the trucks I encountered I found one which could be started on the third mission (It exploded after about 3 shots but was still fun whilst it lasted). Night time missions make very good use of the lighting especially when a flare is used.

My personal favorite level in terms of looks for both the mission briefing and the level itself is in campaign 5, aboard a sinking battleship you must locate decoding equipment before the ship finally sinks. The level is played at a tilt and the ship is fully detailed. At the end of the day I can find no complaints in terms of graphics.

The gems is another area where Clash Royale hack excels. The atmosphere is built up by the sounds of this game. the Rain, wind and groaning metal of a sinking ship all sound perfectly like the real thing (not that I’ve ever been on a sinking battleship :D) Clash Royale responds to sound so if you fire a shot then all enemy soldiers in the immediate area will go to investigate. (strangely when you shout orders they don’t notice a thing).
Gunshots and explosions all sound very nice and the sound is cleat throughout Clash Royale. My only complaint is that your soldiers all sound identical. This is a shame because different voices for your soldiers would have given them more personality. Still, can’t have everything I guess.

Published: March 23, 2016

Microsoft To Let Self Publishing In Xbox One

Rumors about indie games on Xbox One have long been in circulation. However, the tech giant kept completely mum about any plans on the same. The techies and the experts made their own story versions about the Xbox One console and the indie games for it. Perhaps it might have been one of the reasons for Microsoft help line to finally announce its plans about Xbox One Console in a rather unclear manner.

As per reports quoted by some sources, Xbox One will be equipped with the capacity to publish its own games. One of the Microsoft representatives said that the company wanted every person to be a game developer. He added that Xbox one is designed in way that would promote game development.

Although the announcement sounds bit odd to the beginners of Xbox One, experts and experienced users of Xbox are highly expectant about the announcement. As Xbox One gives users the chance to develop their own indie games, users will be able to make use of the unique features of Xbox One and Xbox Live. In a broader sense, this indicates self-publishing. As per expert’s opinion, the move is going to be one of the great cloud achievements.

People can discover more in their Xbox Live. However, Microsoft remained mum from divulging more about Xbox One and Xbox Live features. More details are expected to be released on Gamescom which is slated to take place in August.
Unique features of Xbox One

Meanwhile, cynics opined that the move will worsen the relationship between Microsoft and indie game developers in the long run. Both Microsoft and indie devs do not share a past of smooth relationships. However, there is no doubt that PlayStation 4 will have a positive impact as a result of the present decision.

Another set of rumors suggest that Xbox 360 will promote self-publishing later this year. The self publishing will include Pinball Arcade via Xbox Live Arcade. This was coupled with Microsoft’s announcement that indie developers can self-publish via Xbox Live Arcade. Had there not been such a decision, indie developers should have required to locate publishers for releasing their games.

Nonetheless, Microsoft hasn’t given a clear picture about all these. Techies and experts around the world are waiting for the occasion of Gamescom when Microsoft will release its official plans about Xbox 360 and indie game developing. Adding to the authenticity, Microsoft help line will also be incorporated with it. All the same, people have to wait until then for more updates.

Published: March 19, 2016

Mindstorms Dark Side Developers Kit

If the words “Star Wars” and “LEGO” appeared on your monitor and your mouse finger instinctively twitched and brought you here, you are not alone. Ever since LEGO and Lucasfilm launched the first Star Wars-licensed LEGO playsets, they knew they had a winning combination. Now with the release of LEGO Mindstorms: Dark Side Developer Kit, they have not only created some of the most popular Star Wars vehicles, but they have succumbed to the power of the Dark Side and brought them to life.

Designed to work alone or in conjunction with the LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Invention System, the Dark Side Developer Kit challenges you to create a variety of walking robots based on the Star Wars movies. Frankly, if you shell out $99 on this puppy, it’s not to build a Stomper or the equally arcane robotic Swamp Creature. No, my fellow LEGO-maniacs, there is really only one reason anyone would purchase this set — the ability to build your own AT-AT. From the moment you see the picture of the Walker on the front of the package, your eyes will begin to twinkle with maniacal glee at the prospect of building your own Imperial engine of mass destruction. Muttering the words, “Yes, Lord Vader,” and clutching the box to your chest, you’ll soon be racing home to begin your robotic descent into the Dark Side.

Upon ripping open the Dark Side Developer Kit, you’ll suddenly realize why the Empire is so evil — their engineers constantly have to deal with over 500 of the smallest LEGO pieces imaginable. Wading through trays of LEGOs the length of your fingernail is more than enough to push even the strongest soul to the edge of madness. Maybe that’s why the LEGO Corporation thoughtfully provided three meticulously illustrated manuals that guide prospective despots from Sith Apprentice to Sith Master. But more than likely, your overwhelming desire to crush the Rebel hordes will have you tossing aside the first two manuals to pick up the Sith Master manual to begin the creation of your very own AT-AT. Sure, this method will cause hours of extra work as you struggle to put it together your AT-AT. Who cares if your first attempt to activate the Micro Scout microcomputer, which controls the AT-AT, causes Rebel soldiers to double over in laughter as the Walker rips off one of it own legs and collapses in a heap? Because in the final equation, the journey to the Dark Side comes complete with its own rewards.

When you finally activate the light sensor on your AT-AT’s microcomputer and the Walker begins stomping across the linoleum towards a hidden Rebel Base, you can’t help but feel a wave of Imperial pride wash over you. “Not laughing now, are you, pathetic Rebel scum!” (Rebel scum not included.) At that moment, with your heart filled with the warmth that can only come from subjugating the weak to do your bidding, you’ll realize that you have finally embraced the Dark Side — and that makes the entire journey worthwhile.

Bottom Line: Although a tad pricey (but what LEGO product isn’t?), the Dark Side Developers Kit is a must-have for Star Wars fanatics and owners of the Robotic Invention System alike.

Published: September 18, 2015

Boom Beach Making a Sure Fire Hit

Boom Beach on the iOS thrilled and chilled simulation fans. Now, in the Android version, the platform game contains even more action and fun.

Boom Beach hack is a direct port, but it contains plenty of changes that make it even more exciting. First and foremost, the game contains two different characters to play, and one of them is female! The different characters don’t affect the game other than to give you something else to look at. Besides, the female character contains one more thing never seen before in a iOS game — animated hair!

The game also contains digitized speech files, although they’re not exactly stereo quality. The sound files don’t really add much to the game either, but they’re a first in a Android game. For the most part, however, Boom Beach is essentially the same as the iOS version. The story surrounds elite commander with bionic implants that let them perform special acts. A player’s job in the game is to control one of these commandos / troops in a mission to create the best city. In other words, it’s your typical simulation base building platform action game plotline, but it’s only typical because it was one of the progenitors of the entire genre back on the iOS. The colors look fantastic, and from the version we got our hands on, it was a blast to play.

The troops in the game can use a grappling hook to grab onto ledges and either swing across a span or pull themselves up to the next level. The game also contains plenty of weapons for unloading rounds of bullets in the brainpan of the dozens of enemies in the game. Some of the other numbers include more than 20 levels, three different perspectives through the game and “1500 frames of life-like ‘Human Motion’ animation,” as quoted from the SuperCell fact sheet. That’s the animated hair they’re referring to.

Players will encounter the three different perspectives throughout the Boom Beach game. The side-scrolling bird’s eye view, which players will see as the troops make their way through the different levels, is the most common. This view is obviously available in other modes. The top-down view is used as troops travel from one area to the next, and encounter trucks full of islanders. Players must shoot all the islanders to proceed past the attack and on to the next level.

What’s truly notable about the game is that it’s the first Boom Beach title developed by SuperCell , an in-house development studio. It’s an impressive first offering, and fans of the old game will find a lot of enjoyment in both iOS and Android. Besides, animated hair will make any game a surefire hit.

Published: May 2, 2015

Companies Worst Desaster

Success stories of some of the largest and most influential companies but what about the other side what about the blunders missed opportunities and after disasters that in turn brought some companies to ruin well today you’re in luck because here a 6 of such stories let’s get straight into it number six codec had the first digital camera back in 1977 whenever technology changes the landscape of industry there are some businesses that adapt and thrive and others that continue doing the same old thing until it’s too late for kodak who fell behind due to the advent of the digital camera the situation was a little different kodak actually painted the first digital camera back in 1977 it was one that used a magnetic Astaire to store images of about a hundred kilobytes.

However over the coming years kodak made so much money off of film that they let the new technology gather dust not realizing it’s potential the company continued to focus on traditional film cameras even when it was clear that the market was moving towards digital when kodak finally got into the digital market they were selling cameras at a loss and still couldn’t make up enough sales to catch up to those competitors which had seen the potential of digital cameras early on currently codec is losing over 200 million dollars a year the lesson learned in the world of business always keep an eye on the market and be responsive to future trends if not it could cost you everything number 5 X i could have bought google for less than 1 million dollars the air is 1999 and X I was the number two search engine behind yahoo, google back then was a nobody the new kid on the block it was in the setting back in 99 that Larry Page offered to sell google to excellent for 750 thousand dollars according to excise CEO at the time George Bell the 750,000 dollar deal was one percent of X is worth so financing wasn’t an issue the hiccup came when Larry insisted that if the cell went ahead excite was to replace all of its search technology with Google’s George of X i thought that this was too much and refuse the offer XII it was eventually brought by now called

In 2004 at the time ask had less than 2% search market share google carry now known as alphabet processes a billion search results every day they currently have around a hundred forty seven billion dollars in assets which is more than 196,000 times what X i would have paid for them ouch number for blockbuster video turns down the opportunity to buy netflix the mid-nineteen eighties too late nineties when VHS was king the problem back then with that VHS tapes would cost upwards of ninety seven dollars per movie for this reason video rental stores like blockbuster came in to fill in that gap there were the perfect solution and became a regular part of $MONTH weekend plans for hundreds of millions around the globe.

Imagine the perfect video it would have a great too right over 10,000 videos three being around so no rush no hassle 24-hour quick drop return open late every night will the perfect video store department is popping up all over the there’s one near you yeah Wow the man eventually online video streaming services like Netflix Hulu and even part locker destroyed the old video rental business model ironically in the year 2000 netflix proposed that it would handle blockbusters online component and blockbuster good host netflix has an in-store component thus eliminating the need for my old DVDs which was Netflix this business model at the time according to an interview with former netflix see Mary McCarthy blockbuster just laughed netflix out of their office but that’s not the end of the story by 2007 blockbusters.

Well on the right track they had an Internet Movie component that was steamrolling over netflix netflix was struggling and their upper management wanted to sell the company to blockbuster to save face blockbusters grossest very strong at the time so they turned down the offer in a strange twist later that year those are boardroom dispute over a blockbuster that sort of change of CEO the new CEO was Jim keys formerly of 7-eleven he came in with the wrong mindset and thought that blockbuster should be a retail business instead of an entertainment one because of this he didn’t see the value of an online component huge mistake within 18 months the new CEO had lost blockbuster eighty-five percent of the company’s value and within three years blockbusters filing for bankruptcy blockbuster went belly-up and netflix went on to thrive since then Netflix’s behind such original shows such as house of cards by Jack horsemen and daredevil with 83 million subscriptions worldwide netflix has altered the way many of you the entertainment number three a grade-school math error cost NASA 125 million dollars before the advent of google.

Did you ever get frustrated with the conversion of $OPERAND feet to meters inches to centimeters did you find it difficult well you’re in good company as it turns out a similar math problem indeed some of the greatest minds in the Western world in 1999 a Mars orbiter that Lockheed Martin design for NASA was lost in space due to a simple math error where the engineers at lockheed east imperial measurements while the NASA employees use metric ones the mismatch led to the thrust is not receiving vital navigation information which caused the 125 million dollar spacecraft to malfunction the probe was forever lost while trying to get into orbit around Mars after 286 day journey there are numerous occasions where the error should have been caught but it wasn’t number two nakia outright refusing to use android naki out one of the most iconic brands the 20th century and even up to the first decade of the 21st century the company had about 50 one percent market share of the mobile phone industry at their peak in 2007.

But now there’s a shell of their former selves our fund but distant memory for many the start of the company’s fall from grace can be attributed to one moment in 2010 when nokia CEO and Steve and jackie snider his nose up at the idea of using google’s android software you see at the time nakia had their own operating system called symbian after the release of the I fine in 2007 the software development team at nokia realized that there was a threat so they split into two one team tried to revamp symbian and the other team created an entirely new operating system named me go the problem was that the two teams are battling for resources from Nokia’s top executives so in essence there was an internal struggle within the company.

It was so bad that whenever nokia was dealing with outside stakeholders like chip manufacturers for example there was so much squabbling within the company that took the better part of a year to make a decision on anything in the tech world that’s way too long competitor innovation waits for no one the logical solution in hindsight of course was android not you could have used the open software platform combined it with their in-house hardware to quickly make up for lost time at minimal cost instead nokia CEO at the time decided to skip on Android calling it a short-term solution likening the moon to quote pissing in your pants in the winter to keep warm and quote nakia kept on working on their own software effort throwing five billion dollars a year of RND at the problem but to no avail as time went on the iphone and android handset dominated the market until noxious mobile division was left in the dust not long after this in 2013 nokia mobile division brand was salvaged by Microsoft the scraps microsoft couldn’t make the ones legendary company stay afloat either wasting eight billion dollars before killing the nokia mobile brand moral of the story move with innovation and don’t let pride cloud your judgment but wait a second there is a twisty on nokia the company from Finland is said to be returning in 2016 after signing an exclusive agreement with hmd global.

HMD global is a new company also based in Finland the deal will see the creation of nakia bread and mobile phones and tablets for the next 10 years so I guess we’ll see how this one plays out number one xerox yes the printer company and one of the greatest inventions in computing history to apple imagine having one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century in your hand and giving it away because you don’t understand where you are holding 0x did just that with zero Delta Xerox Alto was an experimental computer from 1973 created at xerox Research Center the alto was way ahead of its time it was the first modern desktop pc as we recognize them today it had a mouse windows file managers and copy and paste delete and move files it had icons and menus graphics and even a local area network that connected all the computers together the idea was to mimic the office desk but on a screen a paperless office of the future absolutely revolutionary from 1973 good morning you can meet you around this grab a cup of coffee or tea bread and a Xerox machine.

Present your morning mail on the screen what’s the mail this morning looks interesting let’s take a look at this I’m gonna need a couple of copies of this push the button and the words and images you see on the screen appear on paper oh thank you thank you ben and i think everybody other radical should see this push another button and the information is sent electronically to similar units around the corner or around the world this is an experimental office system it’s in use now the 02 research center in palo alto california soon xerox systems like this will help you manage your most precious resource information else powered or what flowers my anniversary I forgot what the Xerox Alto is demonstrating was the first graphical user interface or GUI in a desktop computer for those of you not familiar with this time in computing technology.

This is how typical computer from the late nineteen seventies looked and functioned so rough play not yet first you have to tell the computer to copy the program that on the cassette into its own storage area or memory cards are just type load LOL jean oh you have now finished your message so you need to say over to you to the computer by pressing the return key on other computers will see a team are enter and that also mean over to you later returned over you before guis to do absolutely anything on a computer you need to type commands in lines of text if you mistyped anything that was too bad the computer just spit out an error saying it didn’t understand pointing and clicking on a graphical object was a foreign idea thousands of Xerox Alto still built at the research center but never sold only used heavily in Xerox officers and a few universities 20 upper management did not understand what they had the managers just couldn’t see the vision of what the computer of the future could be but a man named Steve Jobs didn’t know what the future of the computer could be and Xerox handed it straight to him he’s out went down xerox at the time needed a way to make their experimental technologies like the Altai cheaper they so Apple pumping at the apple tues for a cheap price so in 1979 they invited steve jobs over to their research institute to see if you could help them reduce the cost of production.

The deal so explain a million shares of apple stock in exchange for steve jobs getting the inside information if everything cool and revolutionary that was going on at the park center nobody actually checked with the guise of the research center but the upper business development team signed off on the deal anyway the following is from Larry Lester is Europe’s Research Center scientist and an R witnessed when Steve Jobs was handed everything so during that demo Steve again got very excited he was pacing around the room and occasionally looking at the screen he was mostly just looking and then reacting and taking it all in and trying to process it process it and at one point he said you’re still not showing us everything and the meaning is paused and there were some phone calls and ok we’re going to show you more but jobs was there going what is going on here you’re sitting on a gold mine why aren’t you doing something with this technology you can change the world and you read his buddies who were trying a range of negotiation of some kind of trend quiet him down don’t be so excited but he was it was really clear to him that we were never really going to do anything with this.

The irony was when they left we still showing them only like one percent of what part was doing but it was enough that they’ve got really excited and decided they were going to retarget the Lisa to be something like what they had seen in terms of graphical user interface they fell in love with the mouse and that changed everything and seven months after that I was working at apple and within you know 10 minutes it was obvious to me that all computers would work like this somebody basically their copier and it just had no clue about a computer what it could do and so they just grab the grab the feet from the greatest victory in the computer industry xerox could own the entire computer industry today the graphical approach the computer appeal to the human mind because commands were now replaced with movement and objects so it felt natural typing lines of text was now a thing of the past the ideas from the out i would heavily influenced the apple lisa is technology trickle down to the Macintosh which influenced microsoft windows both of which were the eventual ancestors to the manner in which i’ll find operate today and a sad thing is xerox never gets mentioned for any of this.

Published: January 24, 2015